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eopi works, vpls dont

Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:10 pm

Hi, i have fully bridged network and now i will migrate to routed network. I have 4 routerboards so i can "play" with them to understand routing. My settings are:
On MT1: ether1 = - gateway to internet; ether2 = route to MT2; bridge_ospf = loopback address;
On MT2: ether1 = - route to MT1; ether2 = - route to MT3; bridge_ospf = lb address;
On MT3: ether1 = - route to MT2; ether2 = - route to MT4; bridge_ospf = lb address;
On MT4: ether1 = - route to MT3; ether2 = - to users; bridge_ospf = lb address;

OSPF running and i can ping all MTs on 10.10.10.x or 192.168.50.x. I want that my users dont see hops so i want to run eoip or vpls transparent bridge between MT1 and MT4. I add eoip tunnel on MT2, add bridge and in port i add eoip and ether1. On MT4 i add eoip tunnel, bridge and in port i add eoip and ether2. Eoip is running in i have transparent bridge but i read that VPLS is better than eoip so i delete eoip and start to configure routeros for VPLS.

MT2: First in mpsl i enabled ldp and add transport address and id, add vpls remote peer and in bridge i add ether1 and VPLS.
MT4: in mpls ldp transport address and id, add vpls remote peer and in bridge i add ether2 and VPLS.
But vpls interface is not running. i followed manual from here:
Can anyone help me? If you have any questions ask me.
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Re: eopi works, vpls dont

Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:19 am

1) ldp must be enabled on all router you are going through
2) check interface mtu for mpls and vpls
3) it is better to filter ldp for accept and advertise to only loopback address of the router configured to ldp
4) do not forget to advertise loopback through ospf
5) use loopback to setup vpls tunnels
4) check that traceroute from loopback to loopback of routers uses mpls tags

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