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Can't change mesh MTU?

Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:56 pm

As our client traffic is encapsulated while sent over the mesh I was hoping to increase the mesh's MTU from the default 1500.

I have successfully increased the MTU of the wireless card (R52Hn) to 1600 and is configured with wds-mode=static-mesh.

The WDS entry also has 1600 MTU, is only connected to one other node (i.e. point to point) and that node is configured with 1600 MTU as far as I can too.

However, when I try to increase the mesh's MTU to 1600 I get this:

> set 0 mtu=1600
mtu bad

Motherboard is RB435G running ROS 6.1

Has anyone managed to increase a mesh's MTU?
Any more details on the "mtu bad" error message?

It would be helpful to not have to fragment a full IPv4 packet as some websites (esp. banking websites with https) don't perform pMTU properly.



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