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OSPFv3 Routes not distributing to neighbours for interface

Wed Aug 27, 2014 8:09 pm

Hi guys,

I've looked around to see if I can find this topic, hopefully I haven't overlooked anything, but the situation appears like this:

Two Mikrotiks:
RB1100AHx2 v6.7
RB493AH v6.18

When I create any number of IPv6 /64 addresses on ether9 of the RB493AH they appear in the IPv6 routes list, so far I've seen no limitations with this (behaving as expected)

Now is where the question comes in - when I add an IPv6 /64 address on ether2, the interface the RB1100AHx2 is connecting to, I get a route on the RB1100AHx2. When I add ANOTHER IPv6 /64 address on ether2, that route does not appear on the RB1100AHx2, and no matter how many other addresses I add on ether2, none will appear in the RB1100AHx2's routes list.

It's like it won't distribute any more than one route for the connected interface. Is there something I'm missing here, is this a configuration issue or a bug?


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