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BGP : can't ping + IPv6 troubles

Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:40 pm


I try to announce an /24 ipv4 range and multiple /48 ipv6 ranges. For this trial i use 2 routerboards : a rb2011L for the IPv6 range and a rb2011UiAS for the IPv4 range...

First problem : with IPv4 i know that the BGP is working (established) and when i put a client behind it, i can reach the internet. But, very bizar, i can't ping eg usith the routerboard (timeout). How is this possible?

Second problem : with Ipv6 i've got the BGP session established (yeey) but when i try to ping eg 2001:4860:4860::8888 i got a "no route to host" message. So I went to ipv6 > routes and i see that 2a02:a013:c102:: isn't reachable (Dst. Address ::/0). Quite strange because that is the Remote Address in BGP, and the connection is established...

Config IPv4 routing :
Config IPv6 routing :

As this is my first deployment of a BGP environment, there is quite possible that i 've made a mistake...

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