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AirControl through gateway

Sat Feb 07, 2015 11:28 pm

Does anyone have experience with getting Ubiquity AirControl to monitor Ubiquity radios beyond a gateway router? AirControl can discover the radios and of course the gui can be connected to with a browser on port 80 from the machine hosting AirControl. I've tried every variant I can think of to pass the radio's monitoring information through the router but no success. I think an accept filter rule on a the forward chain should work. Diagram attached.

Packets AirControl2 needs to reach the radio:

UDP port 10001 for detection.
TCP port 22 for connection.

Packets that Radio needs to send to AirControl2:

TCP 9081 for device "heartbeat"
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Re: AirControl through gateway

Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:49 am

Your diagram is most confusing, can you advise if the radios you want to monitor are out on the internet somewhere else or inside some of the subnets you listed in your diagram? If the latter there should be no problem as seems like there would be no NATing happening.

There is a setting in AirControl under Monitoring Settings that says : Global Servers IP for device monitoring
Firstly make sure you have this set to as most of your radios are within your private subnets from your diagram.

If you are adding a device that is behind a NAT somewhere outside your private subnets then forward the ports you listed to the Radio and add the radio in AC2 as the external IP address and set type to Gateway.

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