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EoIP tunnel in CHR or x86 VM don´t permit bridge

Fri Oct 28, 2016 1:42 am


I need extend my LAN from my office DC (RB2011-iUAS-RM - L4 License << MKT1 >>) to a vDC in a cloud provider in my country, I have a vDC (CHR P1 License <<MKT2>>) with internet connection and vApp network with 3 VMs 2 Windows and 1 Linux.

I create a EoIP and bridge interfaces in MKT1 and including LAN interface and EoIP tunnel, my Office LAN devices don't lose connection, in MKT2 create EoIP and bridge interfaces, the EoIP attached to the bridge and when I include the LAN port to the bridge, vDC LAN lose connection to router and don't send packets to another side of EoIP Tunnel.

This configuration on physic RB Mikrotik is OK but when move to CHR or VM with X86 RouterOS installation not.
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Re: EoIP tunnel in CHR or x86 VM don´t permit bridge

Tue Feb 07, 2017 4:46 pm


I have the same problem on Hyper-v and i solved the issue enabling the Mac-Address spoofing on the CHR NIC.

The miktoik support tell me that "though EoIP itself together with bridge change MAC-address."

Also check this in the CHR manual ( in the last paragraph

Packets not passing from guests
The problem: after configuring a software interface (VLAN, EoIP, bridge, etc.) on the guest CHR it stops passing data to the outside world beyond the router.

The solution: check your VMS (Virtualization Management System) security settings, if other MAC addresses allowed to pass if packets with VLAN tags allowed to pass through. Adjust the security settings according to your needs like allowing MAC spoofing or certain MAC address range. For VLAN interfaces, it is usually possible to define allowed VLAN tags or VLAN tag range.

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