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Using 'Hardware' watchdog

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:09 pm
by bbs2web
It would be great if RouterOS (CHR and x86) would use hardware watchdog features. Virtualisation environments (eg QEMU / KVM) can generally provide an emulated IPMI Intel watchdog interface which causes the virtualisation environment to reset the guest when the counter reaches zero.

We've had a few instances where x86 and CHR instances have locked up...

The following are steps on how to set up IPMI watchdog capabilities on relatively old RHEL6 (also CentOS 6) systems. Hopefully Mikrotik could relatively easily incorporate this:
yum -y install watchdog;                                                   
pico /etc/watchdog.conf;                                                   
  watchdog-device       = /dev/watchdog                                    
  interval              = 25                                               
  realtime              = yes                                              
  priority              = 1                                                
chkconfig --level 3 watchdog off;       # Yes, off                         
yum -y install ipmitool;                                                   
  #deps: OpenIPMI OpenIPMI-libs                                            
modinfo ipmi_watchdog;                                                     
  # Details available options                                              
pico /etc/sysconfig/ipmi;                                                  
  IPMI_WATCHDOG_OPTIONS="timeout=60 start_now=1 preop=preop_give_data actio
n=power_cycle pretimeout=1"                                                
chkconfig --level 3 ipmi off;           # Yes, off                         
pico /etc/rc.d/rc.local;                                                   
  # Start the IPMI reset timer and watchdog                                
  service ipmi start;                                                      
  service watchdog start;

Re: Using 'Hardware' watchdog

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:23 pm
by karwos
Chr lockup getting to be more and more frequent and annoying