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RB44ge multi card issues  [SOLVED]

Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:10 pm

Hello guys, working on a new x86 machine (possibly CHR depending how things go)
I am running into an issue here, we initially ordered 4 i340-t4 NICS to run along side our x520 SFP+ card. Machine booted no issues, however the cards we were sent were used with damage so we returned them. (along with annoying PXE boot menu for all the ports)
We in turn purchased 4 RB44ge NICs. Here is the odd part, they are 4x cards just like the i340's, however with 3 or 4 installed the supermicro board gives an error for PCIe lane resource, saying we are attempting to use more than the 48 lanes we have.
As a test, i manually set the video, SFP, and 3 RB44 to 1x pcie, still get the same error. If i drop to 2 RB44, everything runs fine (both with everything at 1x, and with vid at 16x, SFP 8x, and each RB44 at 4x)

Has anyone run into any issues with a server/machine being able to work with more than 2 RB44ge cards?

Just to update this post incase anyone else makes the unfortunate decision to buy these poo cards. Swapped the cards for 4 i340's, and everything worked again.

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