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CHR performance throttling on ESXi?

Posted: Mon May 28, 2018 8:09 am
by storp
I'm running a trial P1 license to see if I could deploy a CHR as border router. I have two interfaces, one externally facing and one internal. When doing some performance testing externally I get odd results. Download seems to be capped to ~100Mbit/s but upload works fine and I'm getting around 920-930 Mbit/s which is expected. This if for traffic facing outward. Internally running Btest between a RB1100Hx2 and CHR I get 970-980 Mbps in both directions. Same performance tests on the external network with the RB1100Hx2 and I get 920-930 Mbps.

The hardware is a HP DL360 G6 with a 10 GbE adapter (HP NC552SFP 10Gb 2-port Ethernet Server Adapter) running ESXi 6.5.0 Update 1 (Build 7526125). Anyone seen this before? Thinking the P1 license which is limited to 1 Gbps mixes things up when I in fact do have a 10 Gbps network connection on the actual server?

I've also tried to change adapter type assigned to CHR in Vmware but it dosen't seem to make any difference running the performance tests. When using the VMXNET 3 I see messages in CHR that autonegotation hasn't worked, I've tried disabling auto negotation and set 1000M full manually. When using e1000 as adapter auto negotation seems to work. Any pointers to what I could change to actually be able to fully use 1 Gbps both upload and download is most welcome!

Edit: I'm running the latest current, 6.42.3. I'll make new tests with bugfix only and see if it fixes the issue....

Re: CHR performance throttling on ESXi?

Posted: Mon May 28, 2018 11:39 am
by storp
Ok, so I tried to run on the latest bugfix v6.40.8 and now at least I get consistent behavoiur. Both download and upload throttles at 100 Mbps. Is this expected when using P1 license on 10 GbE adapter? Do I need to have the P10 license? Seems odd. My external bandwidth is 1 Gbps so I thought a P1 license would be enough.

Re: CHR performance throttling on ESXi?

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 11:32 pm
by ggallo
Hi storp!

Are you have any progress in this topic?

We also considering CHR as an alternative for border router functionality at our WISP company, and we too have an 1 Gbit/s uplink. I didn't ran test until now, only trying to figure out what to test/use as border router, and we also have ESXi 6.5U2 as base, if we choose a software router. In searching the net, I found this post.