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Forwarding problem: CHR-BRIDGE = L2TP/PPTP + EOIP + VLAN problem

Thu Jun 28, 2018 3:07 pm

We have a problem with our virtualized production CHR.
We cannot create new EoIP tunnels with VLANs ports in Bridge on CHR. I‘ll try to describe where is the problem/how we can simulate this problem and what I mean by “we cannot create”:

We create L2TP/PPTP connection between physical Mikrotik on remote site and virtual CHR (6.42.1) in our office. We can ping each side from either side of L2TP IPs – everything OK here. Then we create new EoIP tunnel interfaces with unused ID on both – Mikrotik and CHR. We assign same IPs as for L2TP local and Remote sides to the EoIP interfaces on both sides (local and Remote). Lastly we add EoIP interface and LAN ports to the same bridge on the physical Mikrotik, on virtual CHR we create Bridge and required VLAN (with the required VM VLAN ID) interface and add to this Bridge VLAN and EoIP.

Problem is no traffic is passing between EoIP interfaces. Now previously this configuration worked no problem. All previously created Bridges (we have 23 of them) works no problem using this setup and passing traffic as it should. Problem is with all newly created bridges. Now If I check HOSTS tab of the Bridge in the CHR I can see all MAC addresses of both sides – EoIP works. However I cannot ping from either side HOST-to-HOST: I get time outs because traffic is not passing. I investigated this problem further by checking working and not working bridges ports.
I believe I found the culprit, but not sure how to fix this:
The problem is that in new Bridge (at CHR side) EoIP interface port status at “Forwarding” is not set to TRUE and learning status also is not set to TRUE (although learning status blinks from time to time). On all old Bridges EoIP interface these two statuses are true.

I can add that this is live production environment, it started after "update" but before I started to work in this position. So downgrading and even upgrading of this CHR is out of question.

Any suggestions/solutions are very welcome. Thank you.

P. S. Attaching "Forwarding" and "Learning" problem screenshot.
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