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Concurrent Users problem

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 12:35 pm
by pooyadsh
i have hp server on a small office which runs esx-i 6.5 , I've got a dlink modem which provides internet , and i've got a linksys switch which my devices are connected to;
i run a router-os v6.42.3 and it has 2 different interface cards, which one is connected to the dlink one and the other is connected to my switch; i get my internet as a pppoe client, dhcp server and its pool of ip (10.10.10.x/24) are in the other interface which is connected to switch , it means my router-os is my dhcp server for my clients (all of my devices have static ip address) and the dns server as well, all my clients have access to internet individually and they all get ip and everything is fine UNTIL
it seems that the concurrent clients are limited , when it exceeds from a number some devices even don't have the router-os ping !!!!!! i've got less than 30 devices , but i cant figure out what is wrong that they all can't have access to internet neither finding the router-os at the same time !!!

i would be so glad if anyone could help me solve this !!!