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CHR, Physical nics and any 40 or 100Gb experience?

Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:33 am

We're looking to build a robust router to handle at minimum multiple (3-5) 10G peers and we're considering future options for 40 and 100Gb.

I'm really looking for experiences and suggestions before moving forward.

Has anyone tried using some of the more advanced VMWare features and assigning physical NICs directly to the VM using PCI pass-through? If so what's your experience?

Anyone successfully done anything with RouterOS and 40/100Gb?

Has anyone tested CHR with 10 or 20 sockets assigned? Table loading speed, throughput, queues, NAT (connection tracking, I know its a no, no, but gotta ask)?

Anyone done anything testing or production with Ryzen Threadripper chips? Performance comparison?

Let me apologize if these have been discussed and I'm re-asking, I've spent some time searching the forums and have found very little or nothing on these specifics. Any help, suggestions or links would be highly appreciated.

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