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CHR VPN server on AWS not reaching VPC

Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:33 pm

Has anyone got a CHR working as a VPN server on AWS?

We have one that connects our office (RB4011) to AWS (CHR) Via an ipsec tunnel
We've managed to get traffic flowing well from the office ( to our VPC ( ... after a little challenge getting MSS right!
We also managed to get the L2TP+Ipsec server running on the CHR to allow remote workers to connect in.

Remote users are getting addresses in the 10.100.1.x range just fine and can see the office computers
However, they cannot connect to anything on the VPC.
The CHR can ping the VPC hosts just fine and users in the office have no problem going through that same CHR to get to VPC hosts

Any thoughts on what we are doing wrong? (and is this the right bit of the forum to post in?)

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