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why a CHR can be the best friend of an ESXi-admin

Sat Sep 21, 2019 2:10 am

It may or may not occur to you, that the use of serial-console to a virtual machine on an ESXi-host could be conveniant for you ?!
... this presumption turns into pain in the a*s, when a serial console is MANDATORY :twisted:

... for me ? ... yesterday !

There might be a bunch of fun-seeking network-admins out there, who did this before - just for FFUUNN, but I had to start-up a cisco-nexus-9k-virtual-appliance on an ESXi because of service-request.
Immediately : |

And starting up nx-os_v without a serial-connection to the vm-appliance, is impossible, because you have to break the nx-os_v self-install-routine : |

Like the most people, who live NOT in the constant humming, climated premise of a google-DC ... I had urgently to recall my ESX-skills:

which means: " 'google the case' ... you cannot be the first one !"

and right ! ... 0-in-esxi/

... since even "good-old-nexus" is seeing updates ( I call it the "Arnold-Schwarzenegger of DC-Networking" ... because most of the time a nexus is coping with the cleaning lady
... no google ... no facebook ... no amazon ... just a nexus-based-datacenter ... and a boring overhead of time ... :lol: )

... I renewed some screens and wanted to show how CHR can spare a lot of time ...
... btw. the free license of a CHR, is limited to 1MB data-xfer ... guess you're fine ... serial-wise ... until you not cross 921600-8-N-1

your options (please add opportunities, if you see some !)

... install a Windows-VM and use Hyperterminal ( ... guess this is the best joke in the whole article)
... debian-netinstall via ssh-console ( + install picocom ... best guess ... 40 minutes )
... OpenWRT-ova (setup internet-access for your VM and opkg install picocom ... best guess 17,5 min. [and you really know what you're doin' on the WRT-site !)

-> CHR

... download chr.ova (25MBit/s-VDSL) ... 8sec
... enroll ova ... < 1min
... configure the Server- and Client-VM ... 2min ( ... and yes ... the windows/hyperterminal-solution needs that part too :-| )
... then ... disable RB-console and start a serial-session ... 10 sec
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