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interface names and numbering

Tue Nov 26, 2019 9:51 pm


I needed to make a network model with more than one MT on ESXi.
One one virtual Mikrotik all is OK, on others interfaces are changing all the time. I need to assign specific configuration for each port, but any time I'm starting I'm getting port names replaced.
I tried to recreate virtual machines, to rename port by IP address and so on, but there is allways something replaced. /interface ethernet export allways is full of "find [ default_name=ether2 ] name=y, where x and y is different. I tried many times to place them back, but allways is some messages "failure: already have interface with such name". Despite that there is no any.
Can anybody know, how to solve it? How to replace them right? In many searches I found stupid recommendations that there is no matter how I will rename them, because it's only a name. But how to assign configuration to right port? I tried to do it by mac, assigning unique name, but got "failure: already have interface with such name" for some ports.
Am I only poeple, who have such a problems?

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