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CHR as Firewall/Router of AWS Servers

Thu Nov 28, 2019 12:35 pm

Hi Everyone,

We setup a CHR on AWS and configured it as a router firewall. Usually we create ipsec VPNs between AWS-CHR and local mikrotik routers. Reachability from local computer to AWS server has no problem using ipsec VPNs.
Now we are trying to shift to GRE tunnels to be more flexible and have some sort of dynamic redundancy using OSPF or dynamic routing. The problem is AWS subnets are not directly connected to the router or not seen on ip address list on CHR but still reachable when you ping from CHR. So on the routing table it is not seen as directly connected route. In that case, what is the workaround to make AWS subnets as it is a directly connected routes on the CHR.

Hoping for anyones assistance.

Thank you!

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