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Tue Mar 31, 2020 11:22 pm

I have a VPC in the AWS cloud and I am currently testing the Mikrotik CHR. I am able to spin up the CHR and add it to my VPC group as an instance. I then spun up two instances in the VPC, both of which can reach the CHR - routing is working between the devices in the VPC.

At this point, I added a remote router (hap) using an L2TP connection over Cellular (dynamic) to the CHR device on its public interface.

The handshake works and connection is established between the remote and chr router.

In the CHR router, I can ping all devices in the remote network - without issue.

What I cannot do is tunnel through in the VPC on the Outbound Private IP space to the remote router locations.

Network is defined as such:

ether1 --> CHR Router --> L2TP ( <--> L2TP client ( --> (Remote Router) --> Edge device (

CHR can ping all devices in remote network ( over the L2TP tunnel

VPC Devices in network
Linux Server (
Linux Server (

Device in VPC in same security network with route created ==> Network interface on CHR Router (

At this point, I cannot ping or get traffic into the network (on the CHR) over the L2TP VPN.

Is there anyway to resolve this?

Thank you,

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Re: CHR in AWS

Tue May 05, 2020 1:29 am


have you added routes in VPC to tell servers in your vpc how to reach 192.168.77.x?
Remember to disable Source/Destination Check on the EC2 instance.
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