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Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 5:14 pm
by si458
Hi All,

im trying to find out if anybody else is having the same issue i am or maybe im just doing something wrong

simple setup:
Proxmox VM CHR 6.45.9 LTS, 1 wan - 1 external ip, 1 lan - 1 internal ip
Server 2019 VM on internal IP
IPSEC/L2TP setup

iPad connects via L2TP/IPSEC to external ip over internet no problem
i am able to surf the internet over vpn no problem
i am able to RDP into my server and control no problem

PROBLEM after about 10 seconds of not doing anything within the RDP session, the RDP session just closes because of an SSL error ???

is this maybe an issue with the virtio network card?

this issue also only happens with mikrotik CHR!
i proved this by creating a 'VyOS' and 'pfsense' VM with same setup, same ips, etc and no issues at all even with the 10 seconds of doing nothing