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Move CHR Disk to Other Instance GCP

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2020 7:59 am
by agungjies
Hello Everyone,
I'm Using CHR is a long time a go, but today i try to install CHR on GCP Instance, Everything is okey, licence is upgraded to P1 and than i try to move the instance to other private network i have created
but it can't to move, this is a rule of GCP for the network interface can't be change when i choose it for the first time install
a way to do that i must delete the instance without delete the disks and create new instance, after that i think about the license
how about the license?
if System ID changes to a new ID, the license will be gone?
any people here can answer my question, it the first time i create topic here and i feel no one people discuss about this case