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CRS305 to RAX120 slow WiFi 6

Sun Jul 19, 2020 10:34 pm

Hi guys,

I'm trying to take advantage of the 8Gbps of my ISP by maxing out my WiFi 6 download speed as close as possible to 2.4Gbps for one client.

The box provided by my ISP has a SFP+ 10G and the Netgear RAX120 has a 5G Ethernet port. The SFP+ port, due to some hardware limitation, cannot provide enough power for the MikroTik S+Rj10 so I use the CRS305 to make the conversion. The ISP box is connected to the CRS305 with a DAC 10G cable, in another SFP+ port of the switch I use a S+Rj10 with a cat. 8.1 Ethernet cable which goes to the 5G Ethernet port of the RAX120. In order to test my WiFi speed, I use an Intel AX200 card. Here is the problem, I get about 400Mbps on WiFi 6 160Mhz with this setup but if I immediately change it to a direct connection from the ISP box to the RAX120 using the 1G Ethernet ports, the speed makes a surge at 900-1100Mbps. I firstly thought something was wrong with the speed that the CRS305 was delivering but running a Speedtest on the RAX120 itself, speed goes up to 1100-1700Mpbs while WiFi is down at about 400Mbps. I'm suspecting something in the packets sent by the CRS305 results in more processing for the router before they can be transmitted on WiFi that could explain the speed difference between the router and the client but I may be wrong. I tried to mess around with RouterOS and went back to default after unsuccessful attempts. Thanks for the help.

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