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CHR Renew license errors

Tue Jul 21, 2020 6:13 pm

I'm trying to renew license at a freshly installed CHR, but I'm getting error: bad http response.
The router is configured with a public IP, default gateway and DNS and can access the internet successfully. I'm entering my credentials in the renew tab and P1 license.
I have tried resetting the router, creating another account in, all failed.
Torch shows traffic between my public IP and which is probably the licensing server but nothing.
In my account page on the router is shown and the last seen date and IP address is updating correctly, but the response never gets back it seems.
All firewall rules are disabled and there is communication between CHR and as I can see in packet captures.
What am I missing?
Version is 6.47.1 running on XenServer
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