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CHR is useless for disaster recovery scenarios

Sun Nov 08, 2020 4:17 am


CHR is useless for disaster recovery scenarios.
Imagine you have nice backups made weekly or daily.. stored VM images on some external SAN.
On disaster recovery, You can restore image using just one click.

No, no - not with Mikrotik.

After restore licence will be set to FREE (1mbit tx cap on each iface).
When you will try to assign new licence, and transfer old unused licence on, you will see: error: this system id with old id already received one trial license key

So new installation, restore backup, all this mess.......
Any way to change this at server side ? Atm that's just purely useless.
I think it should be possible to add System ID manually at
That would solve everything - adding new ID to, assigning valid licence, and then login through CRS so it could fetch no trial, but actual licence.

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