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AWS CHR - 2 public IPs

Wed Nov 18, 2020 11:52 pm

Hello community,

We want to setup an Mikrotik CHR on AWS, which needs 2 public IP(one used for IPsec end point, the other one will used for private <->public IP NAT mapping).

I know when you create an EC2 instance, it come with an interface by default, which has an local private IP and a public IP. When I want to add more interface to this CHR instance, AWS warned something like this:
We can no longer assign a public IP address to your instance

The auto-assign public IP address feature for this instance is disabled because you specified multiple network interfaces. Public IPs can only be assigned to instances with one network interface. To re-enable the auto-assign public IP address feature, please specify only the eth0 network interface.
Does anyone know can AWS CHR instance be setup with 2 interfaces, and 2 public IP addresses?



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