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Ubuntu Installation on KVM Black Screen

Tue Feb 16, 2021 8:58 am

I'm trying to install Ubuntu v14/16/18/or even higher on KVM.

Here's my configuration :


But i always get a black screen everytime i click Install Ubuntu and i've tried to set nomodeset but didn't work.

Here's what happens :


I've tried Ubunto v11.04 and it did install, but it's support has ended and became too old and once i ran some updates and rebooted, it didn't boot at all.

so i'm trying to install any newer version but i always get the black screen once i click install as shown in the video.

i also tried to install Debian v10.8.0 i386 and it did install but once i reboot, it's stuck at : Booting from hard disk and nothing happens. with the same configuration above but with debian.iso

but if there's a trick to make Ubuntu work then no need for Debian.

I can connect to VNC and running on ROS v5.25. my CPU has VT enabled on the host BIOS.

Is there something i need to configure or set?

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