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Metarouter with OpenWRT (reboot, shutdown)

Mon Jun 29, 2009 4:03 pm


currently I am working on a self compiled OpenWRT image inside Metarouter on a RB 450 G. This generally works fine but for me some Questions are open:

1.) reboot, shutdown: If I issue these commands from RouterOS (WinBox or console) I can see on the console inside OpenWRT "RESTART"/"HALT" followed by an return. This does not reboot OpenWRT - MetaRouter states for the OpenWRT VM the state "rebooting"/"shutting-down" forever. This hangs until I issue a reboot/halt on OpenWRT's console.
I tried to work around this with symbolic links to reboot/halt and by creating RESTART/HALT scripts in the /sbin directory - neither worked... (the problem is the same with the precompiled image)

2.) I wonder how to backup the OpenWRT VM to Flash or SD from inside RouterOS - is this generally possible?

Thanks in advance, rcbos
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Re: Metarouter with OpenWRT (reboot, shutdown)

Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:08 pm

I second this email -- I've noticed both issues on a 433UAH with the latest 4.0 beta release.

In addition, is there any way of allowing the VM partial access to the main flash RAM? That would allow us to link a file on the VM to a file on the outside, thereby allowing mass deployment of an image (with just a few small config file changes)

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