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Problems with OpenWRT on metaROUTER

Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:49 pm


I made some tests of OpenWRT on metaROUTER on ROUTERBOARD 450 and got some problems and some questions, i hope someone may help me in solving them / in getting some answers:

- where do the routeros stores the OpenWRT settings?
- when i use uci to delete settings i get an I/O error on "uci commit" and get this error until the next reboot
- after some delay, my ROUTERBOARD 450 seems to loop (100% CPU, routerOS unreachable etc...) even after reboot, the loop goes on... is there any way to limit cpu resources allocated to metarouter and then debug the system..
- maybe RB450 has not enough resources to benefit from the metarouter feature ?

Any suggestion or answer is welcome !

Thank you


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