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Metarouter on RB450

Mon Jun 13, 2011 2:42 am


I've been having all kinds of trouble trying to add a Metarouter instance to an RB450 running RouterOS 5.4. To give this some context - I want to run OpenWRT and RouterOS on a single RB450. Having never done a MetaRouter before, I'm not sure if I'm something wrong or the RB450 just doesn't support Metarouter or OpenWRT.

I can't create a 16MB Metarouter as it says there's not enough resources. it will let me create a 15MB Metarouter though. After I create a 15MB Metarouter, I then import the OpenWRT image for the MIPS processor. It goes through the import process then the router reboots on its own. After i get back into it, the Metarouter instance is 'stopped'. When I manually 'start' it, the router promptly goes into a reboot and the Metarouter comes up as 'stopped' again when I get back into it.

I haven't tried RouterOS 4.x yet to see if it is any better but thought I'd pose the question on this board before banging my head against the wall too awful hard.

Has anyone had success running Metarouter on an RB450? Is it even supported?

Thanks for the help!!
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Re: Metarouter on RB450

Mon Jun 13, 2011 10:31 am

for a while turn RouterOS features down, so host only consumes 14 - 15MB or ram, after that create metarouter.

For better results use board with larger RAM available,

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