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New / Quick Question to MetaRouter

Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:35 am

I'm running mt hotspot connected to a (this box handles CC/payment web pages and radius logins) Linux, fedora 11 box that runs apache, mysql, freeradius, and a custom script.

I would love to eliminate this physical machine and run it on a MetaRouter image. I've read alot so far on metarouter and I have successful setup MT OS's Images on my test MT router here.

however my question is what distribution do you guys suggest running to run all the services i listed above in the Fedora Payment server? I cant seem to run centos on it (ive tried, and Centos is what i use so i would prefer to run that os). I have seen the list posted by MT support in the sticky message with this list of distros: ... ons#Others

But i don't know which runs on a 433AH or 450G and supports my Linux services above so i can recreate the server, can anyone suggest a distro that's working for them with my MT HW (a RB 433AH or 450G)?

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Re: New / Quick Question to MetaRouter

Thu Jul 21, 2011 10:53 am

with some hacking involved you can try to apply kernel patch that where originally made for OpenWRT and try to run any of the OSes listed there that run Linux kernel. Least hacking would be with OpenWRT where you can download working image already.

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