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Metarouter Throughput-Performance on mipsbe (i.e. rb2011uas)

Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:05 pm

Hi everyone,

I recently go my hands on a rb2011uas and since it is (for a mipsbe board that is) quite powerfull, I set up a Metarouter and did some quick benchmarks. Since it was recommended here ... 00#p365100 I used ROS 5.25rc1 and 6.0rc14 for testing. The Metarouter has two ethernet devices, both configured as static ports. One is connected to a subnet hosting a ftp-server, the other to a subnet with the client, both computers have 100Mbit NICs. When pulling files from the ftp-server through the Metarouter, I get the following results:

ROS 5.25rc1: ~28Mbit, Host Load ~70%
ROS 6.0rc14: ~36Mbit, Host Load ~50%

When trying the same thing not through the Metarouter but set up on the hardware directly, throughput is limited by the 100Mbit NICs of server and client to ~90Mbit.

Doing some research prior to setting up Metarouter, I stumbled across which mentions about ~30% loss in performance comparing Metarouter to direct hardware. In my benchmarks this seems more like 60%.

So, can anything be done to increase throughput in Metarouter or am I simply expecting too much from mipsbe Hardware.

Thanks in advance to all who share their thoughts,


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