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Tayga Bad IP Checksums in OpenWRT Metarouter [Solved]

Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:45 pm

Hi All,

Does anybody have Tayga working in an OpenWRT Metarouter image? I have built several OpenWRT images in order to try to get a NAT64 platform. The images all seem to work, except for Tayga. I can ping the addresses on the OpenWRT Metarouter and the Tayga process itself from my local network (both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses), but any packets forwarded by Tayga have bad IP checksums. I have an identical Tayga configuration in an x86_64 virtual machine on another system and it works perfectly. I have been able to trace the packets from one system on one IP stack, to Tayga, then back to the other IP stack on the same system. The packet is translated, but the system discards the packet due to a bad IP checksum. I used tcpdump in order to see the packets coming into the machine.

If anybody has any ideas about what could be causing this (build flags? 32-bit system?) I would love to have your input. Cheers.


I contacted Nathan, the developer responsible for Tayga. He stated there is an issue with the checksumming on bigendian systems and gave me a patch (attached). This resolved the checksum issue and Tayga is now working properly in my OpenWRT build.
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