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can I use the RB260GS as a L2 Switch with a DHCP barrier using the ACLs?

Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:25 pm

Common problem: multiple networks, same subnet and broad- and multicast shoud flow between them, but each network segment has it's own gateway.
Currently this is solved by static dhcp entries and a captive gateway on the dhcp server which catches new clients.
In the near future I'd like to give all segment's administrators the possibility to use their own dhcp server, mostly the one in the router.
For this to work I have to block ports 67/68 and 546/547 on the uplink switch which connects the 4 segments.

Can this be done by the RB260GS? Will it obtain nearly the same bandwith througput than a direct 1000BASE‑T wiring?

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