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RB260GSP mrtg Temperature, Voltage and amps

Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:59 pm

Is it possible to create MRTG for next fields:
1 - PoE Current par port ?
2 - PoE Power par port ?
3 - System Voltage ?
4 - PCB Temperature ?

My 260GSP is on waterproofed plastic box on the roof and powering UP:
1X MTAS-5G-19D120
2X SXT Lite5

Those days temperature is ~38℃ and switch PCB show 64℃ in noon.
Mikrotik site say "Tested ambient temperature -25℃ to +65℃ "
I don't know is it 65℃ for PCB or maybe 65℃ air (and PCB maybe in that situation 80℃)?
Should I be worried with 65℃ on PCB, on those tropic days in Balkan peninsula.

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