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Truncated port names - can't fit a MAC address

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 3:29 am
by cwachs
We are using a CSS326 with FW 2.9. For billing purposes in our router, we pass along Agent Remote ID from the switch to the router (CCR 1009) and from there, it is sent to our DHCP batcher and on to the billing system. We need the Agent Remote ID to be a MAC address since our billing system works off MAC addresses. We use MACs in the private reserved range, like 2E-1E-02-00-00-A1

When we enter that into a port name on the CSS326, it truncates the last digit making the Agent Remote ID 2E-1E-02-00-00-A instead of 2E-1E-02-00-00-A1 This breaks our option 82 billing system. On a CCR, we can name the port 2E-1E-02-00-00-A1 and it sticks - does't truncate, but the CSS firmware seems to truncate. Is there a way around this???