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Configuration Mikrotik crs305-1g-4s

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 9:15 am
by tailele
Good morning, i need help , if it is i explain my problem . I would try to connect 3 pc with sfp+ , this 3 pc are connected to mikrotik with 3 fiber cable and inside the pcs are present 3 hp nc522sfp cards. So when i connect all the hardware , there are no problems indeed all the 3 pcs talks together , in the sense that all works well without do anything ( so i don't configure the router with routeros or swos ) . The problem is that the latency ( i think that is more high respect the lan with rj45 ) , because i see that the 3 pcs when works togheter for cfd simulation , they complete a iteration in 8 seconds respect 3 seconds with rj45. Maybe is it neccesary to configure the router? and if it is necessary have you a guide or a help?