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CSS326 VLAN forwarding not working

Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2020 11:50 pm
by ericwaynedavis
I'm want to use a CSS326 as a VLAN switch with MAC learning disabled such that ports 2-24 are untagged access ports with their default VLANs set as 2-24, respectively. SFP1 is also a tagged member of these same VLANs. Each port is configured with strict VLAN filtering. If I disable MAC learning on these VLANs, then only broadcast (DHCP) traffic will transit the ports. I would expect that because each VLAN has only two ports (access & trunk) that the switch would simply forward packets between these interfaces. It seems this should be working as the documentation and user interface support the ability to disable MAC learning.

Re: CSS326 VLAN forwarding not working

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 2:39 am
by k6ccc
Although not entirely what you describe, but most of my switches have one trunk port to somewhere else with all VLANs appearing tagged, and some number of untagged ports (in quite a few cases only one other port) on a particular VLAN. It works fine for me, but I have MAC learning turned on. In a VLAN environment, why would you turn MAC learning off? Also, what is your Port Isolation setting on the VLANs tab?