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CSS326 VLAN config problems, another topic :)

Sat Apr 18, 2020 12:56 pm


I have a problem with a specific arhitecture, I have to say I am more a Server Admin so at network I may have some problems.
I put a basic topology of what i want to acomplish and I dont understand why it is not working. For VLAN creation I am using articles from Mikrotik WIKI from SWOS page.

1. Ok, I have 3 RB750Gx4 every of them with diffrent plublic, static IP serving diffrent services like NS1, NS2, ftp, backup, etc.
2. Under this 3 routers I have 2 CSS-326-24 as core/edge switches
3. At least there are 2 Hyper-v servers with multiple VMs for WEB, storage and other services.

My ideea was to pass every LAN from routers (; 202.0/24 and 203.0/24) via access ports in switches and then distribute them using TRUNK ports to the servers where on each VM I can select what VLAN I want to assign.

Problem: All good using one Router, ports in VLAN 201 working gook, DHCP ok, TRUNK ok, ports without vlan are izolated, all good!
When I attache second router on switch, all connections from the switch to routers are down but between computers directly conected to switch ping works.
I have tried without SFP+ backup connection and same problem.

So, I have a miss understanding of concepts, or why it is not working?

Thank you very very much for help and your time!
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Re: CSS326 VLAN config problems, another topic :)

Sun Apr 19, 2020 12:55 am

Do you have RSTP enabled on routers as well?

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