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VLANs Noob question

Wed May 20, 2020 1:50 pm

Hi All !

Sorry for the NOOB question but I have no idea on how to implement this on a CRS317 with SwOS v2.10

On port SFP1 I have incoming internet with no VLAN and I do not want to change that
On port SFP2 I have incoming IP TV with no VLAN and I do not want to change that

I'd like to use port SFP3 to combine ports SFP1 and SFP2 with VLANS as follows:
a) Assign VLAN 5 to packets from SFP1 (incoming internet)
b) Assing VLAN 6 to packets from SFP2 (incoming FiberTV)
c) Merge this 2 VLANs and send these 2 VLANs (5 and 6) in the SFP3 port because in the other side of the cable I will connect another switch that will use VLAN 5 and VLAN 6

How can I accomplish that? VLAN and VLANs menu of SwOS is very confusing.

king regards
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Re: VLANs Noob question

Fri May 22, 2020 2:37 am

That is easy, and fairly close to what I am doing with my CSS326 switch. First the VLAN tab:

I skipped a few ports so you would not need to figure out other stuff. Port 1 is my cable internet and gets assigned as VLAN 100. Port 9 is my DSL internet and gets assigned as VLAN 200. Port 3 is the VLAN trunk going out to another switch that splits them back out to feed into two different routers.

Then the VLANs tab:
RB750Gr3, RB750r2, CRS326-24G-2S (in SwitchOS), CSS326-24G-2S, CSS106-5G-1S, RB260GS
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