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total Newbie CRS305 1g-4s+in Help Needed

Sat Jun 06, 2020 6:10 pm

hi sorry about this hoped to solve it myself, having reset the box around 5 times to basic settings i am going around in circles, simply i saw you tube thought that was a good idea, at 62 old cat 5e in walls fibre change good option. bought the box and the fibre then got 4 x sfp-10gsr-85 Cisco transceivers as i need the i have laid out two multi lc cables to differing places in home i then purchased two mini 10/100/1000 base x sfp slot media converters intention these have two rj45 sockets one for shield box other for small 4 port switch to connect tv and other items, other one for pc and alarm rj45. anyhow i have tested the two media converters and they work fine together. when i try to connect crs305 switch i get no data transmitted can someone advise me the thicko what i should have bought pennies are hard i am disabled so have to shop around its expensive still in the uk. played with vpn settings tried to understand directions on manual, will it work like on you tube? or will it never work if it will please good advice sorry we are not all brilliant and tech minded i was tech minded years ago as a tops officer, alas post-polio wrecks your brain cell, thanks for reading sorry to have troubled you all

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