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CRS309 - 2 vlans with 2 dhcp-server setup/config

Tue Jun 30, 2020 9:35 am


I'm trying to install a 10G network. To do this I have got a CRS309. My basic hardware is: CRS326 -> CRS309 -> pfSense-Server. On the pfSense there are two dhcp-Server running, one for each vlan.

Just using the CRS326 being directly connected to the pfSense is working fine - dhcp-Server can be reached (sfp+1 (vlan 2) and sfp+2 (vlan 3) directly connected to a dual 10G network card at the pfSense-Server).

Adding the CRS309 (swos) for adding more 10G ports will not work. Vlan 2 is setup on sfp+1-4 ports and vlan 3 on sfp+5-8. Connections are
vlan2: CRS326 sfp+1 -> CRS309 sfp+1 and CRS309 sfp+2 -> pfSense port 1
vlan3: CRS326 sfp+2 -> CRS309 sfp+5 and CRS309 sfp+6 -> pfSense port 2

While vlan2 is working, vlan3 cannot reach the dhcp-server. There is no package getting to pfSense port 2.
I found out - after days of reinstalling the firmware, going through the setup - that just CRS309 sfp+1 can connect to the pfSense-Server. I don't see any option with swos where I can change the setting for the ports - by the way I don't know what to setup either...

I kindly ask for your help and some information, if this behavior is the way it should be, faulty setup of broken hardware.
Which way can I achieve a setup. where I can have a connection with two dhcp-server for different vlans on sfp+1 and sfp+5?

Thank you!


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