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need help in Crs 326 vlan id 2isp ppoe

Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:34 pm

Just want to say sorry for my poor english
iam isp reseller for two different companies
i Have crs 326
what i want is to provied internt to my clients (with rb912) but using same sector for different companies
before i was using routeros the method i did was :
In rb912(sector) i make vlan with id and 2 bridges and two wifi interfaces then i port the main interface with wifi1 in bridge1 then i port wifi2 with vlan in bridge2

In routeros side i make vlan with id along side the main interface then i port the main interface with isp1ether in bridge1 , and port vlan id with isp2ether in bridge2

The problem is i dont know how to do this in switchos
far away from loops
*My clients connect to internt using pppoe servers in company side

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