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How to configure a port to act only as a management interface

Thu Sep 17, 2020 10:08 pm

Just got myself a pair of sfp+ 10G transceivers to connect CSS326-24G-2S+ with RB4011iGS+. Works great! Previously I used Port1.
I also got a dumb Planet switch, which connects all my devices management interface (IPMI, VT host access, etc... ), that is connected to the RB4011iGS+ with VLAN tag 10
/interface bridge port add bridge=BR1 interface=ether3 pvid=10
Now, I want to use Port1 on the switch just as a management interface. To do that I connected Port1 to Planet switch and did the following:
  • Enabled the Port1 link and disabled Flow Control
  • Isolated Port1 by deselecting the first column and first row
  • Limited access only from Port1
  • Port1 disabled VLAN mode, any, 1, no force VLAN ID
  • Deselected Port1 from VLANs tab
This resulted with me being able to access the switch while being connected to the Planet switch, but the rest of my network goes bananas, but not right away. I can access some networks (vlans), sometimes, others I can't access at all (they have to go trough the router). All devices on the same network can see each other, but not across networks that requires a trip to the router. As soon as I unplug Port1, everything gets back to working properly. When I plug it back in, it continues to work, until some undetermined time later it stops working, then later it starts working again. This makes me think that this is a multi path issue. Hard to debug this behavior...

So my question is, what steps do I need to take to configure the Port1 (that is connected to Planet switch, that is in turn connected to router with vlan tag 10) to act only as a management port with no other traffic going across it?

Best regards!

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