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IPTV on VLAN does not work with IGMP Snooping enabled (ignores IGMP join messages)

Sat Sep 19, 2020 5:48 pm


I wonder if someone can help me with getting IGMP snooping to work properly on SwOS.

My setup is:
IPTV Client (Kodi) <--> RB260GS <--> CRS309 <--> <internet>

The CRS309 is configured with a single bridge, VLAN filtering enabled (2 VLANs configured, 32 and 44), IGMP Snooping enabled.
The bridge has the port coming from the RB260GS as tagged for the VLAN, and everything works fine.

The RB260GS is configured with the SFP port as its trunk port and ports 2-5 as access ports (also port 1, but I'm not using it) for VLAN 44.

With System > IGMP Snooping disabled, the IPTV works fine.
If I enable System > IGMP Snooping and VLANs > 44 > IGMP snooping, the IPTV does not work anymore.
If I try to play any channel on the IPTV, IGMP Groups shows the SFP port attached to 4 groups: one on the untagged port, three on VLAN 44, but my understanding from the SwOS/CSS106 manual is that it should show the port with Kodi and the SFP port in the group(s).

I configured Port 1 as a span port and attached Wireshark to it. I can see my Kodi box sending IGMP Join messages, but it's like SwOS is ignoring them and not adding the device to the group.
(Note: "Mode is exclude" confused me for a second, but according to RFC 3376 it's how a Join message looks like
That's my best guess as to where the problem is, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone see a mistake I'm not?


UPDATE: I realized after attaching Wireshark to the CRS309 VLAN 44 interface that:
- with IGMP snooping enabled the IGMP Join/Leave messages from Kodi are NOT relayed to the CRS309
- with IGMP snooping disabled I can see the IGMP Join/Leave messages on the VLAN interface
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