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Issue with gateway using 2 mikrotik switches

Mon Sep 21, 2020 12:28 am

I have one CRS-328-24P-4S and one CRS-309-1G=8S both using SwOS.
The 328 is plugged into my firewall/router (OPNsense) along with many other devices and works fine.
I purchased the 309 for expansion of SFP+ ports. If I plug the ETH port from the 309 into a 328 ETH port, devices plugged into the 309 cannot ping the gateway. So Internet does not work. I can get to all the devices on the 328 from the 309, just not the gateway. If I plug the firewall out port to a dumb switch along with the 328 and 309, everything works fine.

Why can't the 309 get to the firewall through the 328? Is there a setting I need to do. I wanted to keep this configuration as simple as possible just add SFP ports.

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