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CRS317 LACP slow, switch to static LAG?

Sat Oct 03, 2020 12:06 pm

Hi Guys,

I have a CRS217 SWos with all my machines currently connected with 2x 10G LACP bundle.
I've been fighting limitation after limitation with this thing. Currently still on SWos 2.7 as I don't dare to upgrade anymore because of bugs and instability.

Currently facing 2 issues:
1: LACP not loadbalancing over both ports.
I believe it's fixed in newer firmware but as said, I don't dare to upgrade so i'm leaving this for now because;

2: LACP handled by CPU? Is this correct? If so; are all my ports limited to the single 10G link that goes to the CPU?
If this is the case, i want to switch off LACP. The switch offers Static LAG as an alternative.

The machines I use support the following:

LOADBALANCE (Sends and receives traffic only through the master port. If the master port becomes unavailable, the next active port is used)
ROUNDROBIN (Balances outgoing traffic across the active ports based on hashed protocol header information and accepts incoming traffic from any active port. This is a static setup and does not negotiate aggregation with the peer or exchange frames to monitor the link.)

When changing bond mode on the switch to static; Am i correct in using Balance-XOR for the Proxmox nodes and ROUNDROBIN for the PFsense node?

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