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SwOs - Suggestion for improvements

Fri Oct 09, 2020 10:53 pm

Hello together,

I don´t know if there is already such a suggestions thread, but I would start to collect with you for the Mikrotik Support any improvements, because some points are not so good. As a Software/Web-Developer I have many issues found in SwOS, for example the Change Password dialog, for me as a User, I have no Information how should be the Pattern of a Password, can it contains special character like ' or ", and how about the max length? My Passwords are most 20 characters long with special characters.
So after my first SwOS install, I just wanted to set the initial password, which at beginning none exists, only username admin. So i tried to enter the new 20 character long password:

Woow a Message appears with no content, how long can It be?
So in the debugger window (F12) of your browser, you can attach to the JavaScript, and see that value is greater than 15 character long, but for normal user, this information should be on the page!

Please see the HTML5 size attributes, here you can already define the max textbox value length:

Missing in SwitchOS are Logs- & Event-Entries which are happening in background, are any plans for this??
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Re: SwOs - Suggestion for improvements

Sat Oct 10, 2020 4:15 pm

Not sure if this would be a good place to copy the feature requests from CSS6xx thread, beacuse it is SwOS Lite, not SwOS, but if Mikrotik forum administrators think that there should be two different threads they could split them:

SwOS Lite feature request:
1) SNMP v2c - with read and write mode
2) Enable/disable port by SNMP
3) Change port description by SNMP
4) Change port vlan mode and vlans by SNMP
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Re: SwOs - Suggestion for improvements

Thu Oct 15, 2020 6:29 am

That is one of my pet peeves - We won't tell you what the password requirements are - but there are requirements. Unfortunately that is VERY common!
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