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CRS309 VLAN not completely working

Tue Jan 05, 2021 7:02 pm

I have been searching but could not find the answer so far.
The setup:
Draytek router -> Mikrotik CRS309 --> Zyxel1900
--> 2nd Zyxel1900 --> Draytek accesspoint.
I have created 2 extra vlans on the Draytek router.
So infact I have 3 ID's eacht with their own ipaddress range.
1 nnn.nn.77.xx
10 nnn.nn.75.xx
20 nnn.nn.76.xx
In the Zyxels I have set up all the items, and I can connect on my guestnetwork over the Access Point and connect to vlan 20 and get an IP address out of the .76.xx range. So that is working.
Also my ID range 10 is working, with a respective .75.xx ip address.

I have the connection from the Router coming in to the CRS309 over port 8. And connect the second Zyxel over Port 7.
So this all works.
What I tried to accomplish, that is that if I have a worklaptop, and want to connect the laptop to the VLAN id 20, over port 5
I receive an undefined network, and an ip address out of the 169.nnn range.
What do I do wrong in my settings?
Image ... HVxz0lKoVy
Image ... faVysYLfl5

Perhaps somebody can hint me, where I went wrong.

Thanks ahead,

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