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SWOS 2.12 having Issue connecting to 2.5gbe usb nic

Posted: Tue Feb 02, 2021 7:26 pm
by pepbrow
Just received the CRS312-4c+8xg-rm. Setup was pretty easy. I connected eth8 to a 2.5gbe USB NIC adapter, and all was working fine; it showed the 2.5gb connection. I performed an upgrade via the routeros upgrade option. After, I set swos as the permanent boot option. I booted into SWOS, and lost connection. I tried all the ports, and then I moved the the connection to the MGMT/Boot port, and it connected. No other swos port would make a connection to the 2.5gbe adapter...

I reset to factory from both routeros and swos. Nothing changed, the 2.5gbe adapter will still only connect via the MGMT/Boot port. I can connect any port to the standard 1GBE rj45 with no problems in swos.

Here's the kicker, from routeros I can connect to the 2.5gbe adapter just fine from any port...

"SwOS is up to date"

Any suggestions/help is appreciated.