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CRS328-24P-4S-RM SFP+ 10gbe Modules worryingly hot

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 7:54 pm
by jtankard
Hi Guys,

Im totally new to the MikroTik range of equipment coming from Ubiquiti. I have purchased this switch (CRS328-24P-4S-RM) with 2 x S+RJ10 SFP modules. I have one linked to a pc and one to a nas both with 10gbe adapters obviously. Both adapters are running around 85-90 degrees C and usually maintain a temperature of around low 80s. This cant be normal can it? Transferring a 26GB file one of the adapters hit 93 degrees, I know these adapters run hot but surly not this hot.

I have not modified the switch in anyway as it only came today but I'm wondering if to fit another two fans into the unit to try and help temps.

Can anyone advise please as these are not going to last that long at those temps....

Thanks John

Re: CRS328-24P-4S-RM SFP+ 10gbe Modules worryingly hot

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2021 9:41 pm
by Hominidae
....yes, they can and will run that hot. The temp is not an exact measure, though but up to 90 dC is "normal".
See also this: ... l_guidance
It is not advised to have two of them sitting right next to each other.

Note that this is not a problem of the MT make or model...all transceiver brands with 10GBE-T suffer from the same problem.