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SwOS 1.10 and VLANs

Wed Dec 25, 2013 11:42 am


I have a RB260GS unit that I've purchased to do some VLAN magic and I've encountered a strange problem.

The task was to receive both tagged and untagged frames on a trunk port and do a very basic VLAN operation -- port 1 trunk, port 2 VLAN 200, ports 3-6 default VAN.

Every time I configured the RB260GS as per the instructions found on this forum and the wiki it was either reporting that all the MAC addresses in the host table belonged to no VLAN (i.e. the VLAN column was empty) or at best some of the hosts did belong to the default VLAN but the rest belonged to no VLAN again.

Here's the current screenshots:
VLAN tab.png
VLANS tab.png
HOSTS tab.png
I was fighting this battle till totally unexpectedly I realized that the RG260GS was actually working as I expected (i.e. Port 1 trunk with a default VLAN, Port 2 in VLAN 200 and the rest of the ports in the default VLAN) but the HOSTS tab was still reporting no VLAN tags. A quick Wireshark dump confirmed this.

Is this normal for SwOS 1.10?

Also, dear Mikrotik engineers, the configuration of a L2 switch should me much less confusing, especially the VLAN part of it.

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