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Issues applying license

Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:53 pm

Hello all,

I am currently experiencing an issue with applying a lvl 4 license to a SXT 5 lite. I am noticing a few things that seem odd when i attempt to paste the key into the CLI. Its separates the lines and copies them in varying levels of completeness. I noticed in the manual it shows key> at the start of each command prompt line where theyve pasted an example key in the CLI. But when I paste mine my command prompt reads "line 1 of 3" etc also the first line of mine will have the begin key part and a portion of the key next line will contain more of the key and third line generally has the key in totality it does at this point say the system needs to reboot to take the key. However no matter how many times I try or how I attempt to enter the key it always reboot to still show level 3 key and wont allow me to select AP bridge mode. Any thoughts or help on this will be extremely welcomed as this has me ripping hair out.

Thanks in advance

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